Hardiness Zones

We need to talk about Hardiness Zones and how to choose the plants for YOUR home.

First, let’s define a Hardiness Zone.

Quick Version: A Hardiness Zone is an area where certain plants are more likely to survive and even thrive. This zone is based on extreme low temperatures recorded over a long period of time. If a plant can grow in your local Hardiness Zone it means that it is very likely to survive and flourish regardless of changes in annual temperature and precipitation. BUT…creating a garden with plants from your zone doesn’t mean that your work is all done. There are other factors that contribute to a healthy garden such as light, soil, and MORE.

We have an amazing resource just a click away. Check out the USDA’s website. You can view which Hardiness Zone you live in. This is NOT based on your region but by your zip code. How amazing is that! Click HERE!


So now you know your zone, it’s time to pick out some plants! Wait…how do I know which plants will grow in my yard? Plants at your local nursery should each have a small plastic card stuck in the pot. This card has all of the info you need such as height, space needed, water, and even when it blooms. Some cards will include planting steps, plant features, and even recommended uses. Today, we are most interested in either the hardiness or zone. The hardiness will be listed as the lowest temperature the plant can survive, so it is good to know the range for the zone you live in. The zone is usually listed as a range such as Zones: 3-9.


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